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Frequently Asked Questions

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Game Questions

Q. When do games start and how long does the season last?

A. Games will start the first Saturday in January.  All games will be played on Saturday. There will be a 7 games regular season and a post single elimination tournament.

Q. Where are games played?

A. Games will be played at UNT - PEB or UNT Bahnsen Gym.

UNT PEB (Physical Education Building)
1921 Chestnut Street
Denton TX 76201

Ken Bahnsen Gymnasium (UNT)
1908 W Highland St
Denton, TX 76201

Practice Questions

Q. When will practices start?

A. Practice starts after the Mandatory coaches meeting. This takes place around the 3rd week in November.

Q. Where are the practice locations?

A. DYB secures several locations for COACHES to choose from. These are Ryan High School, Denton High School, and The University of North Texas Physical Education Building (PEB). Your coach may choose to secure his or her own practice location.

Q. What days are practices on?

A. DYB reserves Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for coaches to choose from. However, coaches that secure their own practice location may have a different day that they schedule practices.

Q. COACHES - If you want to obtain practice times at an Elementary school what do you need to do?

A. Once you have received approval from the principal of the elementary school, please send an email to Raymond Madison at and he will be able to provide you with the necessary information.

Q. Where can I park during practice at UNT?

A. Lot 26. Entrance to lot 26 is on Highland Street. Highland Street is a one way street, so best option is take North Texas Boulevard to get to Highland Street.

Look at following map:

Registration Questions

Q. How can I get in touch with someone regarding registration questions?

A. You can either contact the league commissioners or call 940-320-9392 and leave a voice message.  Someone will contact you as soon they can.

Q. Do I need a Member Account on the Website to Register?

A. Yes and it's FREE! Simply click on "Create An Account” on the home page.

Q. How do I access the link to register my child through Sportngin?

A. We typically won’t add the link to our website until the night before registration.  (See our homepage)

Q. How do I register a Select Team?

A. From the DYB Family Profile Page: - Under parent/guardian history click “view” (on the right side of the page) - Under action hover over “view” (on the right side of the page) - Select “Manage Team Roster” from the menu that pops up - From here you can add a coach or add players

Q. What’s the deadline when I should have my team roster entered into the system?

A.  Coaches should have their team’s roster completed in Sportngin along with the player’s information no later than date of the Rec coaches draft night.  Each year this date may possibly change so it’s up to the Select coach to be fully aware of this. NOTE: All players on your team must be registered for the season even if they don’t play the entire season.  Other words if you have a player you picked up to assist throughout the season, they must still be registered otherwise they will not be allowed to play.

Q. How can I get the most up to date information around when games will start and registration information?

A. If you visit our website at You can also follow us on Facebook.

Q. What date is used to determine the age cutoff for each Recreation League?

A. August 31st

Q. What are the Registration costs to play in the league (both Recreation and Select)?

A. Players registering individually the fee will be $110.00.  Coaches bringing in their own select team the fee will be $500.00.

Refund Questions

Q. What’s the policy around Refunds?

A. Refund Policy: $25.00 Admin Fee assessed from the appropriate sports fee prior to registration closing. Once registration closes, no refunds for any reason. Refunds may not be given to a participant because they didn’t get to be placed on a team or practice they requested. We cannot guarantee these requests.

Help Videos

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